oursolutions & approach

At the heart of all of Jaspin Interactive’s business solutions is the simplicity of the Cloud Architecture. By harnessing the power of the Cloud, companies are able to put all of their systems in a location that is available to users on any type of computer in any location. Whether the ‘user’ is a visitor to the Website, an employee, a client or a vendor, this simple but powerful architecture is a universal method for getting the right information to the right audience. Leveraging that power to meet your company’s goals is what a Jaspin Interactive business solution can do for you. 

The Web and Cloud are as limitless as the possibilities for desktop software. Any program, feature or functionality that you can imagine for the desktop computer can be replicated with some form of internet technology, be it web-based or mobile application. In most situations, we can integrate existing reservation, inventory, accounting, reporting, catalog, or other systems by having the webserver talk to the existing system via a gateway. What this means is that there would be no need for you or your staff to abandon your existing systems. You continue to use your existing system, and the website or mobile app will automatically update to reflect the changes done by your staff. Likewise, customer, clients, remote staff,  telecommuters, and vendors can use the internet based methods to interact with your system. 

The Web-based and Cloud-based services can be a powerful business tool, but like all tools it takes know how to use it to its full potential. Using a tool and taking full advantage of it are two entirely different things. This is where we excel; by taking the time to make sure we know and understand our client’s business goals. We then apply our expertise and experience to provide you with a technology solution that will help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

Server rack cluster in a data center (shallow DOF; color toned image)