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Put your site on the best hosting platform available, bar none.
Jaspin Interactive clients are hosting on the enterprise virtualization from VMware. The same platform licensed by every single one of the “Fortune 100”.

VMware’s Enterprise Infrastructure (Figure A) has given us unprecedented scalability. Leveraging the agility of VMware’s virtualization and reliability of NetApp’s SANs (Storage Area Networks) we have the ability to quickly scale to meet virtually any hosting need. VMware’s latest virtualization site was designed to support dynamic data center needs, and ensures that we can add resources to your cluster with no down-time and in rapid fashion to meet ever-changing demands as well as random surges in resource needs.  More importantly, we can easily increase the resources of any and all virtual servers by adding new machines to the hardware array.

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) (Figure B) works with VMware Infrastructure to continuously automate the balancing of virtual machine workloads across a cluster in the virtual infrastructure. When a virtual machine is first started on the cluster, VMware DRS selects the ESX Server host it runs on by automatically identifying a machine with sufficient resources. If conditions on the selected host change (for example, if a traffic surge on one of your virtual machines increases activity to the point that the virtual machine can’t meet its guaranteed resource allocation), VMware DRS will recognize that condition and search for an alternate ESX Server host on the cluster that can honor the resource allocations needed by the virtual machine. VMware DRS will then use VMotion to migrate the virtual machine to the new host automatically and with zero downtime for its users and applications. The result is a continuous balancing of all server workloads across the virtual infrastructure. What this means for you, is that when your site needs more resources, it gets them.

High Availability (HA) (Figure C) for applications running in virtual machines, the loss of an ESX Server host due to a hardware failure is no longer a catastrophic event, but simply means that the resource pool available to the cluster has been reduced. HA will manage the reassignment and restart of the failed host’s virtual machines on the other ESX Server hosts in the cluster with the VirtualCenter Global Scheduler making the decisions on where to place the virtual machines to best meet resource guarantees.

We have highlighted a few of the more critical advantages in terms of scalability, availability and flexibility this platform offers, but rest assured that your site will be there to support all the success you can handle.

For more information on the VMware platform go to: http://www.vmware.com/